Step by step by what way to use MSR009 S-N

Collect data from Magnetic stripe card

Connect battery 3.7 V to MSR009 S-N

Connect magnetic head rail to MSR009 S-N

Can also be used one-track heads to read a specific track.

Turn on slide switch

Pass a magnetic card across the magnetic rail a few times.

The magnetic tape must be facing the magnetic head.

When the each card is read, the LED flashes.

All card data recorded in the memory of MSR009 S N

Transferring data from the MSR009 S-N to the computer memory

Unzip the file

Install the drivers as start

C:\USB driver\PL2303_Prolific_DriverInstaller_v1.5.0.exe

The drivers will be installed

Connect MSR009 S-N to computer USB port, using USB data cable.

Start PMSR_01.exe

Please write the same password Magencoders and click OK

You can put Encrypt PIN

For example let's use


Encrypt PIN can be put by click Update Encrypt PIN.

If you forget the Encrypt PIN or the Password, need use InitPwd.exe application to initializing the Password and Encrypt PIN.

If Encrypt PIN for example is this:


All stored files must read with this Encrypt PIN.

Write Encrypt PIN.

Click Download Record

All data from MSR009 S-N will store on computer in file 0428144718.ser (example)

Click ReadFromFile and read from computer file 0428144718.ser (example)

On the display will display all data information read from MSR009 S-N.

Each recording will have a recording time.

If click Clear option, will erase the data from the screen.

If click Initialization option will erase MSR009 S-N memory.

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